Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin - Inspiration

Earlier today, I attended the 25th Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon Celebration at the Matthew Paterson Elementary School hosted by the Carmel Teachers' Association....and I want to thank all those teachers, and especially those beautiful, talented children who made it a very eventful day....and who pulled me out of the sea of doldrums that had inhabited me for the past several weeks.

As the days go flying by, and as we here in the United States say 'The Holiday Season' is fast approaching, some of us who have lived past ninety, tend to wonder if this will be our last one. At least, these are the thoughts that rattle through my brain sometimes. Particularly , I wonder if I have resolved satisfactorily every adverse obstacle strewn in the paths of my journey on this Earth. And, truly, my answer is No! It is said 'Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely'....and I have allowed the most powerful organization in the world (bar none) force me to retreat. Money talks...and I have very little of it.

ADD to the above, the words of a marvelous young woman, the former Governor of Alaska, who appeared last night on Sean Hannity's TV Show. She referred to an incident when her Father cautioned her "not to RETREAT, just RE-LOAD". She further stated that her agenda is to tell the truth, even though she knows she will be "clobbered" by some elements of the media, and probably called a "radical".

All of the above inspired me late this afternoon, after a short nap, to resurrect the battle I retreated from during the seiges of 1994 through revive the impetus to win the battle (with full-speed ahead) by re-loading all the ammunition I have available in my files, plus additional information I accumulated since 1996. I feel exactly like Sarah Palin. I'm going to re-load (just tell the truth)....and I don't care if I'm clobbered, called a radical, or even a silly-old- crazy fool by some. I've already left my mark on this Earth....and all that know me say it's a good one.

It probably will be several weeks before I return to this subject. I will endeavor to communicate again with my adversary, to see if we can reach a suitable and amicable conclusion. More than anything else in this world, that I looked forward to, was (eventually) to be with my loving family for eternity in a sacred garden, not in one that has been descrated.

To Our Creator: Thank you for all those great scientists who gave us the power to search for righteousness. It must be hidden somewhere in the Computer. Let's find it and let's keep it free from absolute power,


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