Monday, November 9, 2009

Michael S. Dell - Miss Shuvha

Today (Monday, 11/9/09 at 3:00pm EDT), I received a promised follow-up call , from Mr. Michael Dell's representative Miss Shuvha , to inform me that the dispute regarding the validity of the $50.00 coupon conferred upon me when I purchased my new Dell computer, has been completely resolved, and that my account finally shows a zero balance. Thank you Mr. Michael Dell and Miss Shuvha for cooperating with me to see that justice prevails. Again , thank you very much.

I just want to tell all out-there in the Universe: If you believe you are Right and you can prove it, and you cannot resolve it through the usual corresponding methods, then by all means use the computer; because, it reaches millions of people almost instantaneously... not just an unconcerned few. But remember....always be truthful and gracious.

And to all those youngsters under the age of sixty-five, if you are wondering what to get your parents for Christmas, why not get them a computer (if you can afford it) instead of a sweater or blanket!

What a wonderful day!

Till next time.....Goodnight. Elvira

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