Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Dell Corporation

To: Mr. Michael Dell, CEO
From: Elvira S. Oliver

Gee whiz, Mr. Dell! Did you find it necessary to go all the way to India to respond to my letter to you of September 21st? Since I cannot reach you directly, I am taking the opportunity of using the very instrument you sold to me, to confirm my response to you, by blogging, via the United States air-waves.

Mr. Dell, I never asked for a REFUND (to return 'money' in restitution); all I asked you to do was to HONOR (one's word given as a guarantee of performance) the $50.00 coupon which you so graciously conferred upon me at the time I purchased the new computer-----and with which I purchased a supply of ink in August-----and on which I promptly paid the difference.

And, I certainly do not NOW want the new offer (via Ms Shuva in India) of a $50.00 coupon to be used towards a future order. Really, how naive or stupid do you think I am! If you do not honor the first one used with the purchase of ink in August, how can I possibly believe you would honor a second offer.

I do not want to be harrassed or hounded with the usual monthly statement requesting pay-ment of $50.00 plus additional interest charges each month.

Please...just HONOR the original offer. Thank you."
My friends must be wondering why Elvira posted the above. Well, I may be old...but all my life (being a single Mom), I have had to fight for my rights, and I'm not about to stop now. I know for a fact that CEOs' seldom know the practices of their employees, but they are held responsible for the employee's lack of integrity. I'm willing to bet that he has not even seen the letters I sent to him.

Yesterday, October 31st, (Halloween), I received a 2-page unsigned letter from Dell Financial Services dated October 23rd (which in all probability was their reply to my letter to them of October 8th with a copy to Mr. Michael Dell). Quite frankly, I did not understand the financial-language, but phrases such as: "your account is past due" and "you are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency" language I understand clearly. Here is my letter of October 8th:

"Dear Dell Services:
About 6:45 this evening until 7:05 EST, I had a conversation with your Ms Shuvha in response to my letter to Mr. Michael Dell dated September 21st. She advised me that Dell was willing to give me a coupon in the amount of $50.00 towards the purchase of any future order; but that Dell cannot give me a REFUND. Well, needless to say, that made me very angry.

I NEVER REQUESTED A REFUND. I have been requesting that you HONOR the coupon offered to me by (salesman) Mike at the time I purchased my new computer on March 16th, and confirmed by your Brooke on June 3rd. I purchased a quantity of ink on August 10th and immediately paid the difference of $19.35 between the cost of the "future" ink purchase of $69.35 and the $50.00 coupon offered to me. Now I suggest you read carefully Brooke's comments to me on June 3rd. I do not expect to make a future ink purchase or any other item for some time. For goodness sake....I'm living on borrowed time!

I do not know who is to blame in your company for not doing their job properly, but don't blame me. And remember what I said: I never asked for a REFUND. And please, do not blame Ms Shuvha; I believe she was saying what she was told to say.

And yes (until some one replaces me)...I am The Oldest Blogger on Earth.

Sincerely, Elvira S. Oliver"

I will be very happy to come back soon to tell you that Mr. Michael Dell has finally heard me.


  1. Good for you Elvira. I wish you luck.

  2. Hi Martin:

    I just learned how to comment back to you. So let me say Thank you for your kind words on the previous blogs. I always look for you. You inspire me, too. Did you read my Sarah Palin Blog? She inspired me to continue blogging about adversarial circumstances. This is just testing. Will you please let me know if this reaches you. Happy Thanksgiving. Elvira